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There are a lot of things coming into play while maintaining a beautiful landscape. A reliable sprinkler system plays a major role in making sure your lawn, shrubs, bushes and trees stay well watered and maintained. Being in a climate that can be very dry at times can cause your landscape to suffer. When installing an irrigation system Rich Landscapes of Colorado will install the system that is best for you!  We also have different options for our clients.  We are able to install a system that you can set manually or a wifi system for the clients who prefer to control their system from their phones.





Rich Landscapes of Colorado also recommends installing a rain sensor to ensure your system is not running when or while it is raining. Rain and rain/freeze sensors are becoming “must have” components for irrigation systems these days

How do people feel about their yards and neighborhood landscaping? 

  • According to an online survey commissioned by the National Association of Landscape Professionals and conducted by Harris Poll in May 2015, Americans think it is important to have a yard, keep it looking well-maintained and live in an area with nice landscaping.

  • Eighty-three percent of Americans think having a yard is important and 90% of those with a yard think it is important that it is also well-maintained.

  • Americans also want to live in an area where they can see or walk to nice landscaping, and they think it is important that their neighbors have well-maintained yards.

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